Prefinished Pergola Materials.

There's nothing quite like a Prefinished Pergola.

A perfect pergola is a Prefinished™ Pergola.

If you want to paint your pergola, the traditional method can be laborious and time-consuming. However, Prefinished™ pergola material offers a more convenient solution. 

This pre-treated material is machine-coated with multiple layers of paint before installation. This process provides several significant benefits, including a 15-year warranty* backed by Dulux and faster installation by reducing the number of tradespeople required on-site.

Why use Prefinished?

There’s a better way! Using prefinished materials will save time, reduce waste and ensure a superior uniform coating finish. The “Dulux Weathershield” system is perfect for external use, with 1 base coat and 2 pigmented topcoats with 15-year Dulux film integrity.

Prefinished by Enekor can coat the material for a much lower price than getting a painter on site to complete the job. Prefinishing is the future of building and some of the benefits include: reduced costs, correct curing of surface coatings, guaranteed high quality uniform surface finishes, reduction in waste as coatings are applied by machine, reduced environmental impacts by controlling V.O.C’s and ultimately increased efficiency and faster project completion times.

No waiting on painting contractors.

No waiting on painting contractors.

Available NOW. Easy online ordering. Fast Delivery.

Not just a pergola, but the crown jewel!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prefinished Timber is a type of outdoor timber product made from renewable CCA treated pine, coated with a 3-coat Dulux system for enhanced longevity and style.
It offers several advantages including a 15-year Dulux film integrity, easy maintenance, super-fast installation, and being coated on all surfaces for maximum longevity.
Yes, there are a variety of traditional and contemporary colors available, pre-coated on all sides, including options for dual colors to suit individual styles and preferences.
The timber used is sourced from forests managed according to FSC’s social and environmental standards, and the company, Enekor Pty Ltd, is a certified Dulux Industrial applicator with over 30 years of experience in the coating application industry.
Prefinished Timber requires minimal maintenance. A simple hose down every six months is sufficient to keep the pergola looking as good as new.


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